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About Us

Our Love Story

We are Cory and Viktoria Boss.  We have been together for over 10 years, it is  our second marriage and together we have 5 grown children.  Life has brought us together in this sacred place, God’s square mile.  We consider ourselves blessed that we have found each other and get to live at the shore in Ocean Grove, NJ. 

    We both come from very different backgrounds.   Cory is a third generation American, born and raised, and schooled (College and CPA) in New Jersey.   Cory loves nature and the outdoors.   He loves to garden, exercise, fish, celebrate holidays (Christmas is just silly around him) and meet new people.  He currently still works a full-time job in commercial real estate but most evenings and weekend Cory is around.

    Viktoria is a Ukrainian immigrant who came to this Country at the age of 6.  During her time in former USSR, she lived under communism before it collapsed.   Her family left everything behind in 1979 to start a new life in America, where Viktoria lived and grew up in Queens and attended undergraduate school and got a degree in accounting.   Viktoria worked for 17 years in a couple of different companies and though it put food on the table for her children, she was unsatisfied with her career until this opportunity fell in her lap which she runs full time as her main job.  Viktoria loves to cook, sew, host, interior decorate, run, exercise and rescue animals.

  We both love Ocean Grove and meeting new people.  So we decided the bed and breakfast business would be a good life choice.  We are a conservative, patriotic couple very much in love, who really appreciate where we find ourselves today.  Our mission is to spread the love through good food and company.

   We welcome our guests like family into our home and hope that they find what we found in this special place.   Our goal is to offer a comfortable environment that people can relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean,  the spirituality of the church or the exciting fast paced night life of Asbury Park and at the same time, have some homemade, gourmet, fresh, healthy breakfasts.   We cater to ALL dietary needs and we prepare our food with LOVE.


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